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Persuede specialises in exquisite contemporary accessories, individually hand crafted from genuine leather and suede.

Persuede is designed and made in Australia by Tina Mavromatis.  Tina’s travels across Africa and Asia and her European heritage enhance and add depth to her creations as she draws together the contradictions and continuities of Australian life.

Tina combines urban and the outback textures.  Her designs utilize the organic riches of the rural landscape and the luminous, modern tones of cosmopolitan living.  Appreciating suede and leather for their raw edge capabilities, Tina layers these inspirations to create her designs.

'Shapes and textures give meaning and structure to the colours we experience, contrasts allow us to explore these relationships and their forms.

I create with purpose; I want my designs to evoke uplifting and inspirational sensations, possessions that instil confidence and warmth'.

Tina trained as a visual merchandiser and signwriter, having worked in the corporate and fashion industry.  After extensive travel worldwide, Tina began a creative relationship with Urban Cow Studio,Adelaide, where through their support and encouragement developed an understanding of balancing business with creativity.

Tina has developed the distinct style that is Persuede today through experimentation, exploration and love of her craft.